24 Jun 2015

Borehole Repair Job at Fish Farm

By | June 24th, 2015|Case Studies|

A recent project over in Skipton saw the Dales Water maintenance crew repair two old boreholes used by a large trout fisheries. Borehole water is very desirable for fish farms thanks to it retaining a more consistent temperature which certain types of fish are very sensitive to. It is also invariably high quality too, meaning [...]

5 Jun 2015

Boreholes for Stables and Race Horses

By | June 5th, 2015|Case Studies|

Horses and stables require a considerable amount of water and a borehole can make great sense from a cost, reliability, pressure and quality perspective. Water is used throughout the facilities for drinking, wash down, cleaning, horse walkers and horse recuperation. It is also often used for farm houses that accompany the stables and for human [...]

13 Apr 2015

New Borehole Installed at Specialist Education Centre

By | April 13th, 2015|Case Studies, News|

In early March we completed a brand new borehole installation at an education and children’s residential centre in the North East of England. The new borehole system takes advantage of two e.syboxes in an e.sytwin setup, has a water treatment system and was installed as part of large development incorporating two residential homes and a [...]

27 Jan 2015

Dales Water Provide Rapid Turnaround Service to Borehole Water Dependent Site

By | January 27th, 2015|Case Studies, News|

Over the Christmas period our maintenance team responded to an emergency call out from a site in the North of England. The entire water supply had failed meaning no water was being delivered from the borehole. The site in question runs entirely on a private water supply and should they have to switch onto a [...]

15 Jan 2015

The Importance of Personal Protective Equipment in Borehole Drilling

By | January 15th, 2015|Case Studies, News|

Health and safety plays a big part in the way we do things at Dales Water and one area we pay a lot of attention to is the protective equipment worn and used by our staff working on drilling sites throughout the UK. A number of our recent projects have required specialist PPE due to [...]

15 Dec 2014

Completed Domestic Borehole Refurbishment Project

By | December 15th, 2014|Case Studies, News|

In early November we updated the Dales Water blog with Part 1 of a domestic borehole refurbishment project which you can read about here. We’re pleased to announce the project is now complete and the refurbished borehole is fully up and running. Background on the Project The site in question had an old borehole drilled [...]

1 Dec 2014

Boosting Water Pressure in Shopping Centres and Other Commercial Buildings

By | December 1st, 2014|Case Studies, News|

We recently received an enquiry regarding a newly refurbished shopping centre in the South of England. The building houses a number of retail outlets but also hosts a selection of restaurants, casual eateries and coffee shops that use water in reasonably large quantities. Due to its location and how mains supply was delivered to the [...]

4 Nov 2014

Domestic Borehole Refurbishment Project

By | November 4th, 2014|Case Studies, News|

Not all of our work requires a borehole drilling from scratch and we’re often called upon to fix problems with existing installations and to refurbish water supplies from yesteryear that have been neglected or fallen into disrepair. In the first of 2 part series of posts we are going to show how this can be [...]

24 Jul 2014

Dales Water Borehole Helps Asparagus Grower Save on Mains Water Bills

By | July 24th, 2014|Case Studies, News|

Dales Water Services were approached by a vegetable growing and washing farm based in North Lincolnshire that specialises in Asparagus and Shallots. Employing over 20 full time staff the operation is one of the largest asparagus producers in the UK and supplies to a range of supermarkets and grocers up and down the country. The [...]

22 Apr 2014

How a Borehole Can Protect Your Farm from Price Rises and Supply Problems

By | April 22nd, 2014|Case Studies, News, Press|

In April we were asked to contribute to the widely read British Farmer & Grower magazine which is part of the National Farmer's Union. Our contribution, for the "Focus on: Renewable Energy" section, looked at how a borehole can benefit a farm to both reduce costs and increase efficiency. Using one of our customers as [...]