A recent project over in Skipton saw the Dales Water maintenance crew repair two old boreholes used by a large trout fisheries.

Borehole water is very desirable for fish farms thanks to it retaining a more consistent temperature which certain types of fish are very sensitive to. It is also invariably high quality too, meaning it’s free from pollution unlike surface water which is another big advantage when it comes to rearing fish. Then of course there are the cost benefits with short term payback periods and low running costs aiding the fish farms profit margins.

With this particular installation the two boreholes on site were of sound construction but over the years had suffered from a lack of maintenance and as a result both borehole pumps were no longer functioning.

This posed a huge problem for the fish farm as it prevented them topping up their lakes and also effected the hatcheries which require a constant water temperature due to trout only living successfully between certain temperature thresholds that they can genetically tolerate.

About the Borehole Repair Works

Both pumps were damaged beyond repair and with a limited budget the fish farm decided to take two pumps from our reconditioned pump stocks. At Dales Water we hold a large volume of second had stock that have been refurbished by our maintenance team and in many cases are in an almost new condition.

New pumps are advisable for most installations due to their warranty but when cost is paramount items from our refurbished supplies are a great choice and with regular maintenance will last well into the future.

The Dales Water maintenance team removed and disposed of the old pumps, installed the two refurbished pumps, carried out some maintenance works and got the boreholes back to being fully operational.

If you have any questions regarding boreholes for fisheries or are thinking about using a second hand pump on your existing borehole feel free to contact us for any advice.

As a side note we always recommend that any businesses or domestic users that rely heavily on borehole water always consider pro-active maintenance on their installation – this can ensure longevity of the installation, help spot potential problems before they develop and prevent larger repair bills down the line.