Not all of our work requires a borehole drilling from scratch and we’re often called upon to fix problems with existing installations and to refurbish water supplies from yesteryear that have been neglected or fallen into disrepair.

In the first of 2 part series of posts we are going to show how this can be achieved. The site has an existing borehole, drilled in 1954 which is in need of a revamp. Our work proposed is part of a complete redevelopment of a farmhouse and the owners want to make use of the old borehole for domestic supply.

The existing borehole was been drilled into a chalk aquifer to a depth of 100 feet with a rest water level of 40 feet. The borehole is still operational but has been neglected over the years. As such the headwork’s is no longer compliant and the water has never been treated.

In this case the water is good quality but still requires some treatment (due to its hardness) for potable use and for bacterial control as a precaution as it is for domestic use. You can see the old borehole in the images below:

Domestic Borehole Project Existing Setup

Domestic Borehole Project Existing Setup

Along with the archaic headwork’s, the technology in use is also dated and the water supply is non-pressurised. The existing pump delivers the water to a water tank in the roof space and gravity has to take care of the rest.

Our proposals are to completely revamp the borehole supply, appropriately pumping the water from the borehole, sealing the headworks, pressurising the supply, correcting the hardness and protecting against bacteria.

The works will be completed in November and in the second part of thks two part seris will show you the result so stay tuned!