We all know that some bacteria makes us ill but that that we also have a symbiotic relationship with other bacteria who look after us and help us function properly.

Often the bacteria that occur in water supplies are of the former kind; they are not natural to our bodies and can cause us to be ill.

The conditions for bacterial growth should not be available in borehole water supplies if they are properly constructed, like ours. However, in improperly constructed boreholes, in water supply infrastructure or in spring water supplies (which are open to more surface influences) bacteria can occur and need to be dealt with to ensure that the do not cause the end user (you and me) illness, which is especially important if children are drinking the supply.

There are several ways to control and neutralise bacteria in water supplies by way of water treatment. An obvious solution is to boil your water, this is a good mechanism to neutralise the bacteria however, is inconvenient and means that all drinking water must be boiled. Another option is the use of chemicals such as chlorine. Chlorine is good as it will leave a residual in the supply behind to carry on neutralising bacteria however, it is not good as you are using a chemical in your water supply, and we all know what it’s like when you swallow too much water at the swimming pool! Another option is to supply and install an Ultra Violet purifier this ‘zaps’ the bacteria as it passes through the water with ultra violet rays to neutralise them and provides very effective point source protection against bacteria.

We have experience of treating a variety of supplies for bacteria and are happy to discuss your site specific water treatment requirements to design, specify and install a suitable system for you, contact us for more details.