Working day in day out with private water supplies and groundwater it’s very much part of our job here at Dales Water to protect such a valuable resource.

There’s no better job satisfaction than informing people about their water and seeing the difference it makes to people’s lives when originally they only had a poor quality water supply that might make them ill and they turn the tap on and see something that is crystal clear, tastes just as good and there is plenty of it.

The UK is relatively speaking a water rich country however that’s not the case in many areas of the world where both scarcity and misuse of water can have serious impacts.

It’s reported that 1.1 billion people across the world lack access to fresh drinking water with 2.7 billion experiencing water scarcity at least once a month.

We’ve put together an infographic displaying some interesting statistics on global water shortages, what’s caused it and how we can all do our bit to help solve it:

How Scarcity and Misuse of Water is Threatening Our Planet

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