The Environment Agency is reporting that many areas of the Midlands and the South East are experiencing low levels of groundwater for the time of year, see here for their article.

The recent rainfall has helped in replenishing surface water features however; because of the nature groundwater this recent rainfall has not substantially recharged groundwater levels, which needs more consistent and prolonged rainfall.

This is something that we have noticed as well, given that we are not in the driest part of the year this is something that owners of shallow and poorly constructed wells and boreholes should be aware of. A properly constructed and maintained borehole should be sustainable even in drought conditions. It is also something that those who rely on spring water supplies should be considering. A properly constructed borehole water supply is a sustainable solution to a spring water supply.

We have received more enquiries regarding poorly constructed boreholes running out of water and enquiries into how we can help, our borehole and well maintenance service is ideal for this but it’s better to consider this while you have water than when the borehole has run dry! We would advise clients to contact us to discuss their system if they have concerns.

Likewise we have also received more enquiries from owners of springs which have dried up and are unsure why, shallow groundwater being at particular risk from drought conditions. We can mobilise to drill a new properly constructed and sustainable borehole as a replacement. However, it is always better to do this in advance of the spring drying up! Contact us to discuss your spring water supply.