Dales Water Services were approached by a vegetable growing and washing farm based in North Lincolnshire that specialises in Asparagus and Shallots. Employing over 20 full time staff the operation is one of the largest asparagus producers in the UK and supplies to a range of supermarkets and grocers up and down the country.

The farm uses state of the art equipment to streamline production during the busy harvest season but up until earlier this year were relying on mains water for the washing of crops prior to packaging.

The owner contacted Dales Water in early 2014 to look at the possibility of switching to a borehole water supply to reduce mains water bills which were spiralling out of control.

The farm had an existing borehole on site that was drilled in the 1980’s but was out of use due to an uncontrolled artesian head and improper sealing technique used around the headworks.

Our team visited the farm site, inspected the existing borehole installation, took a water sample and got a feel for the requirements of the farm. We then provided a full quote and specification and works commenced.

Work Carried Out

  • Brought the existing borehole back into commission
  • Sealed existing borehole correctly using a welded flange assembly
  • Installation of above ground 10,000ltr water storage tank
  • Dual E.sybox pump installation
  • Iron reduction filter with back washing head filter
  • Pipework installation to get the water to where it’s required
  • Mains water compliance integration

A Double Saving

Esytwin Setup, Water Treatment and Storage Tank at the Asaparagus Farm

Esytwin Setup, Water Treatment and Storage Tank at the Asaparagus Farm

The farm makes use of a twin E.sybox installation to ensure pressure and reliability of supply. The pumps are able to communicate via Bluetooth and analyse the operation of the system with the second pump kicking in when demand for water increases.

As you can see from the picture above, the installation is outdoors and the farm plans to build a new out house and storage building around it later this year.

With the borehole providing a huge saving on mains water bills, the E.sybox also minimises electricity costs due to its economical design and low power consumption thanks to the variable speed motor.

Along with the E.sytwin setup our team also ensured the setup was mains water integrated and compliant; this allows the farm to switch readily between borehole water and mains water should they need to.

The water sample that was obtained at the project outset identified that some water treatment was required. Dales Water specified the treatment required which made use of a backwashing head filter. All the borehole water passes through this treatment system before it’s pumped through the pipework we installed to the point of use.

The complete borehole has already made a significant different to the farm’s bottom line and the client believes the installation will have paid itself back in a short period of time.

If you would like some advice on a borehole installation or potential savings vs. mains water bills please contact us