Case Study: Pump Install at Factory Site, Yorkshire

In 2009 Dales Water Services Ltd were asked by a large factory site to  construct two large abstraction boreholes at 12” diameter to 110m deep each. A third party contractor was then brought in to install a pumping system.

In 2015 we were again contacted by the site asking if we could assist them with the pumping installation which had never properly worked and was now in a very poor condition. The existing system installed by the third party comprised of two large variable speed suction pumps on a duty standby basis with a third smaller variable speed pump to accommodate the low flow requirements. The system operated by transfer from the low flow pump on to which ever high flow pump was in service at the time as demand for water increased in the factory. You can read why suction pumps aren’t suitable for this application in a more detailed blog post.

After discussion and working with the client it was concluded that a superior borehole submersible pumping installation would be installed utilising a small submersible pump combined with a larger submersible pump in each borehole. Each borehole would be on duty standby, transferring on a weekly basis to share the demand evenly. The small pumps would seamlessly transfer the low demand on variable speed to the larger pump when demand for water increased in factory. The design was set and it was also concluded to renew all the rotten above ground pipework with new stainless steel pipework.

  • Boreholes constructed that deliver a large volume of water
  • New pumping installation designed and installed
  • Working with clients to meet their needs and add our expertise
  • Installing the best technology to maximise returns
  • New pumps installed with new system so no more pump cavitation
  • Minimised electricity bills
  • New stainless steel pipework
  • Full meetings to coordinate works before, during and post installation
Being installed on site 1

Part Way Through Installation