Case Study: Dairy Farm, North Yorkshire

Dales Water Services Ltd were commissioned to adapt the spring supply and transform it into a usable resource for a modern milking dairy unit. The farm is situated at a high elevation deep in the Yorkshire Dales with a beck at its southern extent.

The Farm was looking to utilise a natural spring that flows through its land as its water supply. Dales Water checked the springs the water quality to ensure that it was suitable for long term use as a drinking water supply for the heard, to cool down the milk and checked the volume to ensure that it could sustain the demand.


Following positive confirmation of these checks a new water storage, pressurisation and distribution system was designed and installed by Dales Water utilising variable speed control to minimise power consumption and maintain pressure during supply.

The water storage helps to ensure that instantaneous demand for water is always met. An existing historical pumping station and distribution system was incorporated into the design to act as a backup supply should it ever be required. Dales Water has since been requested to carry on servicing the equipment to ensure it is well maintained into the future.

  • Spring supply checked for quality and volume
  • Bespoke water storage and pumping station designed and installed
  • Best available technology used to minimise on-going costs
  • Dairy herd drinking and milking parlour serviced
  • Incorporated existing pumping station into overall design
  • System serviced long term by Dales Water to ensure it keeps working effectively