Case Study: Brewery, West Yorkshire

Dales Water Services Ltd. were commissioned by a brewery to drill a new borehole and provide the new pumping installation at a new site. Following hydrogeological prognosis it was considered that the borehole should encounter a good Sandstone aquifer and should not need to go deeper than 60m. Due to the scale of the abstraction we were also asked to have their internal expert progress all of the abstraction licensing.

The works were progressed. The hydrogeological proved to be correct, with good water bearing Sandstone being encountered. The water was also sampled and analysed showing to be of excellent quality.

  • Full hydrogeological prognosis.
  • Borehole drilled with lots of water provided.
  • Pumping plant installed.
  • Abstraction licence progressed and gained
Drilling at the Brewery site

Drilling at the Brewery site