Case Study: Outdoor Centre nr. Stockton

Due to the remote nature of the away day centre our clients recognised that they needed to find an alternate water supply as the mains water was too expensive to bring to the building being redeveloped.

Dales Water were contracted to investigate the geology and hydro geology and were subsequently asked drill a borehole for a private water supply, install the pumping plant, test and treat the water to make it suitable for drinking water. All works being carried out in house with no sub contractors.

The right equipment at the right price was installed to provide a water supply for the scouts well into the future. The supply was provided and fully integrated with the other works going being undertaken as part of a larger scale redevelopment of the centre.

  • Full hydrogeological prognosis.
  • Borehole drilled with lots of water provided.
  • Pumping plant installed.
  • Water tested and treated for drinking suitability

Our Team installing the Borehole