I think we have all seen enough water just lately! To say it has been wet is a bit of an understatement!

Historically borehole chambers have always been below ground (something that is changing with modern laws and improved engineering techniques) and without doubt there will be several hundred, or possibly thousands, of borehole chambers that have been flooded. This may be a low priority for users of borehole water supplies in their day to day lives and little consideration may be given to the effect that this could have on their water supply and the users of the water.

Flood waters, as with any surface water, will contain debris and things that they have picked up as they flow. On a more microscopic level, these will include various bacteria’s which will have the potential to contaminate borehole water supplies – boreholes act as a direct pathway for groundwater and therefore anything that gets into your borehole chamber has the potential to get into your borehole water supply and consequently into peoples systems.

Water treatment can go so far to protect users from the consequences of flood or surface water in borehole water supplies e.g.: ultra violet purifiers will assist in neutralising bacterial contamination. However, even treatment can be over whelmed by large quantities of bacteria and debris coming through the supply. Therefore it is very important to look after your borehole chamber and borehole headworks, where possible they should be above ground and the headworks sealed to prevent downward migration of flood and surface waters into your borehole.

If you would like our assistance to help prevent your borehole chamber and borehole from flood and surface water contamination please contact us.