As end users of water we often don’t think about where our water is coming from or how it’s got there – we turn a tap on and water comes out.

The hydrologic cycle is the integrated water cycle of how water falls as precipitation travels over land, through soil and rocks, in our streams and rivers and ends up in our seas before it evaporates (or this could occur part way through the cycle) and it starts all over again.

At Dales Water we’re interested (obsessed!!!) in one particular elements of this cycle how water travels through rocks. Known as ‘aquifers’ water is able to percolate down through the soil and into the pour spaces and fractures within the underlying rocks / geology. Over several years, or in some cases several thousand years, this water builds up, known as the water table, and we at Dales Water are able to drill down into this and supply you with a sustainable water supply.

This part of the hydraulic cycle is referred to as hydrogeology and we are all ways happy to discuss hydrogeology with our existing and potential new customers to give them a greater understanding of how this all works at their site and under their feet. Contact us to discuss this with us.