Borehole water is an ideal use for garden and horticultural irrigation as it provides year-round water to your garden absolutely free from your own private borehole.

A common misconception amongst homeowners is that boreholes are exclusively for industrial use or there are lots of hidden charges for extracting the water. The only cost is the upfront cost of the borehole and regular borehole maintenance. Once drilled you are free to extract up to 20,000 litres per day.

Any private individual who’s a keen gardener and lovingly looks after their own garden can benefit hugely from a borehole irrigation system. The main benefit is that a private borehole protects from drought conditions which can have a devastating effect on a garden that has been tended and looked after for several years and in some cases decades.

Drought conditions can kill a mature plant which has taken a lot of time to grow, as well as affecting crop yield for keen fruit and vegetable growers who want to run a sustainable garden (who’ll be pleased to know borehole water is extremely sustainable should they choose to utilise it)

What are the benefits of Borehole Garden Irrigation Systems?

Garden Irrigation Borehole Drilling

Garden Irrigation Borehole Drilling

  • No matter the size of the garden the borehole can supply the water needs.
  • A borehole irrigation system can be directly fed into irrigation networks and sprayers on hand control to allow the users full control over the water supply to the garden.
  • Time clock controls can also be integrated to facilitate automatic controls to the supply, taking the worry out of irrigating the garden during the summer months or during holidays.
  • Water quality, although important, isn’t as important because it is for garden use only and not human consumption. Treatment can be provided if necessary and desired.
  • You can also use borehole water for other tasks such as washing your car or filling your swimming pool

A Garden Irrigation Borehole Case Study:

Mr. Duck – Clitheroe.

We recently installed a borehole for garden irrigation in a lovely garden that had been tended for over 20 years. The irrigation system was fitted to ensure the constant delivery of water during the summer months.

Our team of drilling engineers drilled a borehole to a depth of 45 metres into a Sandstone aquifer and the complete borehole supplies approximately 4m3/hour which is more than sufficient to meet the demand long term and offer protection to Mr Duck’s garden against drought conditions.

Our bespoke pumping system is based on a weather proof control box mounted on a plinth adjacent to the borehole and set to deliver the existing irrigation system.

The client can then easily control the pump via a hand control switch on the control box.

Boreholes for Garden Centre Use

It’s not just private gardens that can benefit from an irrigation system; the retail of plants and garden centres is a big business. We’ve helped garden retailers who need to water plants en masse and fencing yards who use large vessels for dip and pressure timber treatments and require a dedicated water supply.

Often the entire business model of these establishments is based on plants or equipment that are dependent on a water supply. A borehole water supply offers the plant retailer a cheaper alternative to mains water provision as well as giving them more reliability of supply in drought conditions and when water is required in high demand over the summer months.

  • Decreased costs due to not relying on mains water
  • Added security of not being heavily affected by drought conditions or hosepipe bans
  • Our knowledge of water management and how garden centres operate enables us to increase the efficiency of water used on site and to significantly lower your water cost.

Garden Centre Borehole Case Study:

Dale Side Nursery – Killinghall, North Yorkshire.

In this example, we drilled a borehole in 2010 to supply the garden centre with a private water supply. It was fitted to both reduce costs and increase the efficiency of their overall operation.

The borehole is 65 metres deep and was drilled into mixed sandstone geology. The borehole supplies 4m3/hour and is used through an automatic control via float switch into the existing irrigation tank.

In this instance we designed and installed several Booster pumps, these pumps pull water from the storage tank to provide an instantaneous flow of water.

This allows the garden centre to deliver water at a quicker rate than the 4m3/hour from the borehole during intensive periods. The borehole then catches up during quieter periods.

If you’d like to discuss a borehole garden irrigation system for your property, or are unsure on the viability of installing one then please free to contact one of our team who will be happy to advise.

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