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Private Water Supply

Installing a Private Water Supply at a Farmhouse

Borehole and Spring domestic water supplies are a significant form of water supply throughout the United Kingdom especially in rural locations.

At Dales Water we are aware how dependant our domestic customers are on their borehole or spring water supply and we’ve spent considerable time helping both new and existing customers manage and make the most of their private borehole water supply.

When it comes to the installation and on going maintenance of a private borehole water supply we’re ideally placed to help customers across the country.

With over 30 years experience, and some of the UK’s leading experts we can help domestic customers either have a completely new private water supply system or make the most of their existing borehole or spring water supply.

Dales Water recently installed a borehole at my farmhouse in North Yorkshire. The whole process from initial contact to installation was hugely impressive. The Dales team worked solidly for 3 days to install the borehole and I was kept informed of where the project was at every step of the way. The pump they fitted is first class and has worked perfectly since day 1 and the pressure of water that comes from the taps is excellent. I was quoted from various companies but after consideration I felt Dales Water were the most professional outfit and they had all the equipment ready to be deployed at relatively short notice. I look forward to working with them on an ongoing basis for both maintenance and support on ensuring my water supply runs to its optimum.

S. O’Hara, North Yorkshire.

What is a Spring Water Supply?

A spring water supply is a groundwater supply but is usually from shallower groundwater sources than boreholes, they are normally formed when rainfall percolating down into the soil and shallow underlying rock hits an impermeable layer this causes the water to perch on top and flow by gravity down until it issues from the surface where there is a difference in land gradients.

Spring water supplies can be very good sources of water they can be high quality and where there is significant all year round rainfall can sustain small and medium sized demands for water. However, because of their shallow nature they can also be easily contaminated by surface water pollutants and runoff.

As they can be so closely related to rainfall can suffer during periods of drought and often dry up. We have significant experience of helping domestic customers maintain and improve their spring water supply through techniques such as Ultra Violet Purification to neutralise bacteria and other forms of water treatment.

What is a Borehole Water Supply?

A borehole is drilled into the ground to access much deeper water than spring water supplies. They tap in to porous rocks called aquifers. A borehole pump is lowered into the borehole and the water can be pumped out. Aquifers are constantly being recharged by rainfall and often have vast amounts of water at their disposal meaning that even in periods of drought that we suffer with in the UK they are sustainable. Water quality can be very good and where not quite perfect water treatment can be provided to bring it up to drinking water standard.

We would always recommend our domestic customers talk to us about their private water supply but below are answers to a few frequently asked questions which we hope are helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

As with any other infrastructure, like your car, we recommend that it is serviced on an annual basis but in some cases private water supply systems can go without any servicing for over 15 years or longer! We always recommend that our domestic customers talk to us so we can advise on their specific requirements and provide a no obligation free quotation.
Not long at all, boreholes are continually replenished by rainfall as a massive underground store. The installed borehole pump is chosen to maximise and sustain indefinitely the amount of water available in the borehole. In a spring water supply, which are influenced more by climatic conditions, they may be subject to the prevailing weather.
In most cases for a borehole no. The aquifer (water bearing rock) is essentially acting as your water storage tank. In some cases where the geology is not good for a borehole water supply we may recommend a water storage tank. In most cases for a spring a water storage tank is a good idea. It helps maintain supplies in periods of dry weather and the water can be boosted to improve the pressure.
In England and Wales you can abstract up to 20m3/day (20,000 litres or 4400 gallons) of water without an abstraction licence. This is more than sufficient for most domestic customers. In Scotland you have a ‘General Binding Rule’ where abstraction is less than 10m3/day (10,000 litres or 2200 gallons) again this is sufficient for most domestic practices.
No. Hose pipe bans come into effect when mains water companies recognise that their reserves of water are declining. As this is a private water supply you can continue to pump water from a borehole. In most cases the volume of water that is required for a domestic supply remains consistent throughout a drought period.
We design the borehole chamber to fit its surrounding. Borehole chambers should be where possible above ground level but can be by agreement below ground level. In a garden or on a property the chamber can be clad in nice stone that matches the rest of the property. Chambers are generally about 600mm x 400mm and are quite unobtrusive.
We test the water through the leading analytical laboratory in the UK, if it fails the drinking water standard for anything we talk to you about how to treat the water so that it passes the standard.
Typically for a domestic customer approximately 3-4 days and about the same again for the pumping plant.
This is dependent on a number of factors: the underlying geology and hydrogeology of the site, the design and construction method of the borehole, the proposed location of the borehole on the site, the amount of water required by the client, the expected rest water level in a borehole and the projected yield of the borehole, the type, make and model of the submersible pump selected, the flow rate and delivery pressure of water required by the client. We always recommend that customers contact us to get a specific (free) quote.

Our Domestic Borehole Credentials

  • 30 Years Experience
  • A long list of happy home owners who’ve taken advantage of our private water supplies
  • All our work is carried in house, no middle men or outsourced contractors
  • We operate with a very flexible approach