Ground Source Heating

A ground source heat pump utilises natural energy stored in the earth to heat your property. Dales Water are able to assist in providing private domestic customers and commercial operators with a ground source heating systems throughout the UK.

Advantages of Installing a Ground Source Heat Pump

  • Can help reduce fuel bills
  • Can reduce your carbon footprint
  • Ongoing maintenance costs are limited

Types of Ground Source Heating Systems Available:

Close Looped Borehole

A single (or several) borehole is drilled, the depth of the hole and equipment required reflects the nature of the site / what it is going to be used for (i.e.: a house will require a smaller and less holes than a office block). A single or double loop pipe is placed into the borehole and and an anti-freeze mix passsed through and brought back to surface before being passed through a heat exchanger and re-circulated. A special bentonite mix is used to aid the heat recovery at depth.

Open Loop Borehole

In our experience this option provides the best heat and financial return and often this can be combined with a standard abstraction borehole. Water is not re-circulated, as with a closed loop, but used water is put either into a secondary exhaust borehole or into a watercourse.