The end of last year and the beginning of this year have been dry and we are expecting temperatures of up to 17 degrees Celsius on Thursday in February!

The independent is reporting that ‘Crippling droughts’ are a possibility and the Daily Express reports a HOSEPIPE bans could start in weeks after the UK Government raised the prospect of a spring and summer drought across a swathe of England following one of the driest winters on record. This is story that isn’t going away and we blogged about the same subject just a few weeks ago reporting on an Environment Agency article. Consumers of water are being asked to cut back on their water use; this could hit not only domestic customers but industry and agriculture hard.

The beauty of a borehole water supply is that it taps into old water, water that is abundance and if constructed properly to a suitable depth, like ours, are sustainable throughout drought periods. Our boreholes are therefore a superb asset during droughts, as they are in non drought times, not only saving you money but also providing a sustainable water supply. They allow users to continue to utilise water as they need to allowing them to water their gardens with hose pipes or continue to operate effectively as a business.

It is likely that this year spring water supplies are going to dry up due to the drought period, springs are more subject to these conditions as they are normally based on younger water and influenced similar to surface water features by dry hot conditions. Boreholes make an ideal alternative to spring water supplies.

During drought periods that we have had before we always receive additional enquiries for borehole water systems either to protect against bans being placed on mains water supplies or to replace spring water supplies Now is the time to think about a borehole water supply for this purpose as once the spring and summer are here the realisation will be made that we are in a drought and the rush will be on to ensure that the affects aren’t felt by users.

We are just a telephone call away and are happy to discuss your spring water supply and how to protect it during hot dry times or the possibility of a borehole water supply on your site, contact us if you would like to chat through your requirements.