Water Treatment & Purification

Occasionally private water supplies – water wells and springs, produce water of a quality that is inconsistent with the proposed use, whether this may be potable water supply, agricultural use, industrial use or other activity. With the changes made to the Private Water Supplies Regulations 2009, there is now a requirement to ensure that your water supply is consistent with drinking water standards, our Private Water Supplies Regulations 2009 page provides further details.

How Do We Do It?

Working with market leading analytical laboratories Dales Water can provide water analysis ranging from standard commonly occurring determinands for potable supply through to determinands that are associated with water bottling regulations.

Dales Water has experience in making the water supply suitable for use. Specifying, supplying, installing and commissioning suitable filtration and UV Water Treatment purifying equipment to correct the water to the clients requirements or human potable water standards.

Private water supplies can be made suitable both chemically and bacteriologically.

Filtration Servicing

Following initial installation, long term servicing of filtration and purifying equipment can be provided and Dales Water are happy to work under maintenance contracts, with many clients benefiting from our complete private water supply management systems.