The decision to go onto a private water supply, either a spring or borehole is either a financially led, a water pressure led decision or because mains water simply isn’t available. In the former case the decision to investigate a private water supply is so that it saves you money. We are quite often asked therefore what the ongoing cost of borehole water is as opposed to mains water.

It’s a difficult question for us to answer, but we certainly know its a lot cheaper! There are a lot of site specific information and variables that affect the answer, such as which mains water provider serves you, if you require water treatment on your borehole water, if you are on single or three phase power supply etc. However, we have done some research in to the ongoing costs of borehole water per meter cubed as opposed to mains water per meter cubed.

Typically and approximately mains water costs anywhere between £1.20 and £1.40 per meter cubed (220 gallons) and mains water costs are always rising! See our prevous blog post on rising mains water costs here. Typically and approximately post initial cost for construction of your private water supply you can expect to pay between £0.10 and £0.30, and in some cases less, per meter cubed (220 gallons) for your borehole water. That’s a huge saving! If you’re a big water user it makes so much sense to save the money and you can quickly get your initial outlay costs for borehole drilling and construction back.

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