Sometimes we just need information, nothing physical, just information. It can be difficult to get the right information but once you’ve got it, it is invaluable in being able to make further conclusions and decisions.

We are the right people to help you with this with our consultancy service being the ideal service for those individuals and companies who just need written information to make the further decisions from. You can find out more about our consultancy service here.

A range of private individuals and companies: Estate and Land Agents, Engineering Consultancy’s, Civil Engineers, Regulators and Architects have used our services before to deliver bespoke reports on borehole and private water supplies and we have always been highly commended on them. Our reports can cover a range of topics such as borehole construction, water treatment, pumping test, risk assessments and maintenance of your borehole and spring water.

The best bit though is that once you have the report; and it concludes that something physical needs to be carried out; we can do this as well! That means no one in the middle shifting responsibility, no green consultancy marking up a price and a holistic service delivered by us from start through to finish.

Contact us if you’d like more information on our range of private water supply system reports.