We have significant experience of pumping systems.  However, every now and then we get requests that require us to come up with innovative and different solution. We thoughts we’d share with a you a recent project not because it was innovative in terms of the pumping system, although it was a nice design that we came up with, ensuring that the private water supply was properly stored, boosted and treated for potential bacteria, but because it required a bespoke pump house design that we designed and had manufactured.

We designed, and had built, a Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) pump house for the site as the client required a water supply pump house to fit into their premises, that would be extremely robust, lockable and be easily serviceable into the future. The pumping plant was installed and the packaged system delivered and installed on site. As part of the works we also provided the dirty water supply system, not something that we often do aside from the odd exception!

If you’d like a bespoke pumping system and have specific design criteria feel free to contact us.