Drought conditions are now being reported in all but the most northerly and westerly of counties of England the BBC are reporting. Their most recent article on the drought situation, what a drought is and what the consequences are, can be seen here.

The consequences of drought can  indeed be very dire on both the environment and on the economy in terms of farming and heavy industry that often rely on a sustainable water source even in drought conditions.

Here at Dales Water we are experiencing a stream of borehole enquiries as a result.

We have reported in recent weeks on the drought situation within our news section of our website and on the likely impacts that could be felt – these are now beginning to be realised and the Environment Agency are reporting that ‘the drought may last until Christmas’ so there is certainly no sign of the situation getting better in the short term.

We are receiving so many enquiries for borehole water supplies because properly constructed boreholes, like ours, can draw historical water, in some cases  several thousand years old that has been replenished by rainfall over decades and millennia. Therefore, during periods of drought they are sustainable, drawing as they do, from their vast underground resources in the form of aquifers. Our borehole drilling schedule is very full but we can accommodate new enquiries and contracts into our schedule to help ensure that you remain unaffected by drought conditions whether it be for agricultural and spray purposes, industrial systems, domestic supplies or in using groundwater to top up low flow conditions in surface water features like streams and lakes.

Contact us to discuss your particular circumstances and discuss how it is possible to beat the drought conditions.