We have just updated our case studies page with a sample of completed jobs that our team have worked on over the last 18 months including a strawberry farm, a dairy farm and a race course irrigation system.

Each case study gives an overview of the location, why the business needed a private water supply and how Dales Water were able to help them fully meet those requirements.

Arable Farm, Scotland

Arable Farm Borehole in Scotland

In many cases a borehole or spring water supply is absolutely essential for the business to remain operational; take for example the strawberry farm pictured above, without a borehole and water storage tank they simply wouldn’t be able to get a high enough crop yield. Mains water can only go so far before it becomes unviable from a cost point view or restrictions mean it can’t meet the demands of the business especially during long hot summers.

With their new borehole the strawberry farm can enjoy instantaneous water all year round as well as enjoying significant on-going savings due to the low payback period compared to the cost of mains water.

You can see the new case studies here:

Strawberry Farm Private Water Supply
Dairy Farm Spring Water Supply in the Yorkshire Dales
Race Course Irrigation System

Whether you are considering a new private water supply borehole, spring water pumping system or any of our other services we hope that these case studies are of interest and feel free to contact us should you want any further details or advice.