Borehole water supplies form a very important part of water supplies throughout the country. Most people living outside towns and cities are partially, or solely, reliant on domestic borehole and spring water supplies.

Here at Dales Water we work on a wide array of domestic properties and a good example of a domestic borehole water supply is our work in Richmond for a brand new domestic household.

We were contracted by the owners of a new domestic dwelling being constructed and asked to investigate the existing spring water supply at the property.

Following sampling and analysis provided by Dales Water of the quality and the quantity of the spring it was concluded that the spring was not adequate for the new dwelling.

We were asked to design and specify a new abstraction borehole to service the property, quickly establishing that the property would not require more than 20m3/day. Therefore meaning the property would not need a ground investigation consent or licence from the Environment Agency, cutting down on both cost and time. The borehole was drilled to a depth of 75m below ground level, considerably less than the quoted depth (and price).

Finally a pump was selected by our team and the new domestic dwelling provided with the right volume, right pressure and right quality of water.

Here at Dales Water we are significantly experienced in assisting customers to with their domestic borehole water supplies, whether they are brand new installations, historical installations or installations installed by others that are going wrong, we are ideally placed and experienced to help customers maintain their important water supply. We are always happy just to talk through anyone’s requirements or questions they may have, no obligations.

If you do have any questions then please feel free contact us.