Ensuring that you’re private water supply is well maintained is one of the most important aspects for keeping your water infrastructure running smoothly.

There’s no point spending good money on a borehole and pump installation to then let it slowly degrade over time and then have to fork out for a large repair bill. Like with most things, prevention is cheaper and the cure and if a private water supply is maintained correctly it can save you money in the long run.

Why is Regular Maintenance Important?

A private water supply is no different to your car or your boiler, and it needs to be serviced at regular intervals so you know you can depend on it when you need it most.

A well serviced borehole and pump installation will last you well into the future and replacing worn parts before they become a huge problem i.e. a major breakdown that could cause serious downtime make sense.

What do Maintenance Checks Include?

Each borehole is different, and the maintenance needed often depends on the usage of the water that the borehole produces. However, typically it may involve:

  • Water treatment service
  • UV Treatment Systems service
  • Chlorination
  • Checking of the overall construction of the borehole
  • General inspection and checking of well equipment to make sure that it is working properly, sanitary and meets local code requirements.
  • The headworks and the seal are sufficient
  • Cutting back overgrown vegetation at the borehole/well source or clearing debris from the borehole chamber.

We operate a full servicing and maintenance division for just this purpose and several thousand clients benefit from our servicing contracts, or one off maintenance works, to ensure that their borehole and spring water supply systems are looked after so that the water keeps running.

Contact us to find out how you can benefit.