Selecting the correct borehole pump for your borehole is very important and quite often, usually to detrimental effect, something that is not given the time, consideration and effort that it requires.

Selecting the Best Borehole and Booster Pumps

We have significant in-house experience of specifying and installing the correct pump for the particular situation, whether this is a borehole submersible pump or booster pump delivering from a water storage tank, delivering at the rate and pressure that the particular application requires.

We specify and install from small horse powered Pumps for small household applications right through to large industrial and irrigation scale pumps which require cranes or our drilling rigs on-board winch to install.

We work with all the major borehole pump manufacturers including but not limited to Grundfos, ITT Xylem (Lowara), Caprari and Dab.

Our pump stores are extensively stocked and if we haven’t already got it, which is rare, we can get it at short notice to get you water pumping again.

One of our advantages is that we aren’t affiliated to any one manufacturer meaning that we can shop around to get you the best pump at the best price.

We also make use of the best available technology to power you pump such as variable speed to reduce your electricity consumption but maintain your water supply.

Here are a few of examples where our pumping knowledge has been invaluable in designing and installing the best pump for the clients water supply requirements:

Holiday park in Lancashire

Application: Following borehole drilling by us at the holiday park we identified that the underlying geology was unable to keep up with the instantaneous demand of the site which can be up 10m3/hour (10,000 litres).

Storage and boosting was designed and specified to ensure that the sites instantaneous need for water was meet with the borehole pump catching up in during quieter demand periods.

Pumping solution: The borehole pump was selected for the available power on site and to maximise the available yield from the borehole although as noted this would not have been able to meet the sites demand.

Duty Assist Variable Speed Booster set

Duty Assist Variable Speed Booster set

Following installtion of the water storage tank a Duty Assist Variable Speed pump was selected. The Duty Assist booster set means that the sites demand for water is met but that only one pump is operational, reducing power consumption, unless demand is significantly high when the second pump activates to maintain the supply

Industrial application in Yorkshire

Application: The site is a large scale industrial user of water, pulling water from 10 boreholes.

Following failure of one of the pumps that had been installed for over 10 years and had pumped several hundred thousand meters cubed of water Dales Water were contacted to supply and install a like for like large scale submersible borehole pump. Records had been lost as to the pump type and performance.

Pumping solution: The existing pump was extracted in compliance with site health and safety requirements and the detail gained on the pump manufacturer and model, a temporary pump from of stock was installed to deliver water.

On review the pump removed from the borehole it was identified that a better more suitable pump could be utilised to deliver more water from the borehole.

This was discussed this with the client subsequently installing it and delivering a higher volume of water to the site.

Agricultural Application in Yorkshire

Application: Another company had drilled an straight borehole and as a result got a submersible borehole pump stuck about three quarters of the way down, the borehole pump could not deliver the water required by the site as a result.

Following drilling of a borehole on a large arable farm in West Yorkshire by Dales Water a large irrigation pump was required.

Pumping application: Due to the size of the irrigation pump proposed due to the volume of water required a variable speed unit was specified to reduce the power consumption from the pump. The pump was installed and the irrigation requirements of the site met.

Got Questions about your Borehole Pump?

We are always happy to talk to anyone about their given situation and advise on the best course of action.

We carry out all of our own work in house, from intial consultation right through to turning your tap on and receiving water so have vast experience in ensuring you get it right, first time saving both time and money.

If you would like to talk to us about a new borehole pump or your existing borehole pump contact us.