Alongside the Water Well Journal another magazine we have delivered to our offices is Pig World, the official magazine of the National Pig Association (NPA).

Having been long time subscribers we were asked by the team at Pig World to help them with an article about the benefits of a private water supply and the use of boreholes for agricultural purposes like pig farming.

Pig World

The article was produced after one of the journalists working at Pig World visited our offices in Melmerby, Ripon and we discussed our services in depth looking specifically at how they can benefit the UK pig farmer.

The big takeaway was that mains water bills are constantly on the rise and with many pig farmers operating in remote locations they are often blighted by unreliable mains water supplies and variable pressure which effects the efficiency of their operation.

In the coming months we hope to get a member of the Pig World team to visit one of our pig farming customers where we can look at how a private water supply has helped his business as well as looking into the workings of the borehole and how it delivers water from deep underground to the point of required use.

You can read the article here via a downloadable PDF – Pig-world-article

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