Late last year we were lucky enough to have one our pictures featured on the front cover of the Water Well Journal which is a very popular industry magazine published by the National Groundwater Association in the USA.

This time we’ve gone one step further and collaborated with them to produce an in depth feature that compares the UK and US groundwater industries and how they have changed over the last 50 or so years.

Working closely with their editorial team the article has been split into 2 parts, part 1 takes the views of someone who has been involved in the industry for a long time, which in our case is one of our Director’s, Chris Dodds. The same questions were then posed to Tom Downey, CEO of Downey Drilling from Lexington, Nebraska and from that an interview style article was produced titled “On both Sides of the Pond”.

The article looks at how the industry as a whole has developed as well as comparing the issues faced in the UK & US and the similarities and differences faced in the day to day running of a groundwater business.

Questions posed included things such as ‘What do you think has made the biggest impact in the water well drilling industry in the last 20 years? Is it a new innovation, technology, rule, etc.?’ and ‘How big an impact have government rules and regulations been on the industry in your time as a driller?’

Anyone involved in the water industry or environment sector as a whole will no doubt find Chris’s view on deregulation particularly interesting and there’s also an interesting perspective on how legislation affects groundwater professionals in the USA too.

Part 2 which will be released in July’s edition asks a similar set of questions to professionals who have been in the industry a shorter amount of time, this section was answered by Director Jonathan Dalton and we’ll be posting more on that once the next edition of the magazine has been published so stay tuned.

View The Feature

If you are interested in reading the magazine feature you can view it online: click on the magazine and an online version will come up that you can scroll through, the article starts on Page 25. You can download a PDF copy here. And we have also embedded a copy below:

Finally we’d like to pay thanks to the Water Well Journal for putting together such an interesting feature and a special thanks to Thad Plumley, Director of Information at the National Ground Water Association for making the collaboration happen.