National Groundwater Awareness WeekIts National Groundwater Awareness Week – how important is the water beneath your feet?

It’s very important! This week is the US National Groundwater Awareness Week but we are promoting it here in the UK this week to and will be informing our customers and suppliers when they call and e-mail us.

Today on our news section of our website we are thinking about groundwater use and protection in the UK.

Groundwater forms and integral part of the United Kingdom’s water supply network both for public mains water supply and private water supply provision, with many people wholly reliant on groundwater for their water. In the agricultural sector its used as a drinking water source for stock and as irrigation water for crops of fruit and vegetables. Industry needs water and many heavy and light industrial businesses utilise it both within their processes and for cooling water, some companies also use as their primary business for bottling purposes.

With all these uses and users it’s very important that we look after our groundwater here in the UK. Groundwater needs protection and the Environment Agency are charged with doing this with the assistance of the planning system. However, every individual and user of groundwater can help to maintain our groundwater quality. Simple things such as maintaining your septic tank, not disposing of potentially polluting substances to ground where they can leach into groundwater (and surface waters) and, of course, informing others about groundwater and its importance can all go a long way to protecting, maintaining and improving groundwater for us and future generations.

If you’d like to find out more about groundwater awareness week you can visit the US National Groundwater Association page here and contact us to see how you can benefit from groundwater.

Tomorrow we will be writing about another news topic associated to groundwater awareness and education.