Health and safety is an important part of what we do, the most important thing of any job is to make sure that everyone goes home at the end of the day safe and well.

One of the areas where risks are raised is when we are asked to drill Boreholes or work on Private Water Supply Systems that are adjacent to transport systems such as Roads, Motorways or Railway Networks.

Under these circumstances extra precautions, method statements, risks assessments and methods of working are required to ensure that the work is carried out safely and to the requirements of the clients – forward planning, thinking what might happen and putting measures in place to mitigate these risks are very important.

Methods such as ensuring that working distances are as large as possible and not within a given distances of the transport network, that appropriate Personal Protective Equipment is used, that where necessary Health and Safety professionals or the correct personnel are involved to ensure that the correct precautions are made and adhered to and looking out for each other to keep each other safe to name but some of the requirements that are necessary.

Working Alongside Transport

Working Alongside Transport & Infrastructure – Railway Signal Box

We have undertaken a lot of works next to operational roadways and railway lines to ensure that the transport networks of the country remain operational and that water is delivered to sites and workers at the correct pressures and volumes, carrying out these works for some of the main civil engineering and well-known transport infrastructure names across the country.

The transport network is continually changing to meet the needs of a changing economy and as such water is always required – if you think we can help feel free to get in touch.

Photo Credit: Highways Agency