In 2014 we installed a brand new borehole at a large holiday park in Cumbria. Due to the size of the park, the business only had enough cash reserves to move half of the campsite onto borehole water. The remaining half was left on a mains supply.

Fast forward to 2016 and we were contacted by the holiday park owners to move the remainder of the camp site onto a borehole system as they were extremely impressed with how the system had performed for one half of the park. The money they had saved from that area not being on mains water supply freed up cash  to carry out the works for the remaining part of the park.

After signing off on the quotation, the Dales Water installation team began works. Because the original borehole drilled in 2014 was of high quality and produced large quantities of water, no more drilling was required. As a result all that was needed to complete was the switch was:

  • Install more water storage tanks to help keep up with demand during busy periods.
  • Install a further double e.sybox system to boost water around the park whilst minimising power consumption.
  • Install a mains water backup option which required a centralised storage tank installed in a mains compliant manner.
Water Storage at Holiday Park

Water Storage at Holiday Park

This particular job was interesting because it shows you don’t have to ‘go the whole hog’ with a private water supply from the outset.

At Dales Water we always try to complete our installations in as modular a way as possible – allowing the business to add things onto their private water supply later down the line should their water requirements change or the need to expand arise.

The holiday park in question now has a more reliable supply, significant cost savings vs. mains water and no problems with pressure when occupancy rates are at their highest during the summer months.

We were also pleased as the customer was clearly happy with the work done two years ago and recommissioned our services to finish the job!

If you run a holiday park or static caravan camp site and have any questions about private water supplies feel free to contact us here.