Earlier this year Jonny was approached by Darlington Borough Council Environmental Health to ask if he was able to undertake a talk to the Environmental Health working group. The group consists of several environmental health officers from across the North of England and the Council were keen for a presentation and full walk through of a system we installed at an education centre last year.

With a date agreed Jonny met up with the Environmental Health officers on site and carried out a detailed discussion with them about the high specification system. Discussing initial hydrogeological prognosis, borehole drilling, pumping plant installation, water delivery, water treatment and storage and boosting. There was then an open floor where Jonny took questions as from the group on all things private water supplies.

The working group were very impressed with the presentation with some great feedback being provided regarding the system and the presentation by Jonny:

Hi Jonathan

Thank you for your time and effort this morning. It was mentioned in the minutes of the meeting that everyone enjoyed the session and that they would be “unlikely to witness a Rolls Royce equivalent installation again”. High praise indeed!!

Thanks again. Brian Whelan – Environmental Health Officer, Darlington Borough Council”

Jonny, Nick, Joe and Eric are always happy to discuss private borehole and spring water supplies with clients and regulators. Contact us for more information.