We recently completed a significant new borehole water supply for a chemicals company in Lancashire. The site had a test borehole constructed by a third party but were concerned that the proposal that had been put forward was not correct and asked Dales Water for a second opinion. After giving our verdict we were asked to design and quote for a new system to meet their requirements instead. Dales Water were subsequently asked to undertake the works following an interview process in front of a panel at the organisations head office.

Works Completed

  • Hydrogeological prognosis progressed
  • Investigations into the likely water quality extracted from the borehole – including providing provisional costs and designs on potential water treatment requirements for the site to consider
  • Abstraction licence progressed and completed
  • 8” borehole drilled to 86 metres
  • The finished borehole produces 10 metres cubed an hour
  • Borehole pump, borehole headworks and chamber detail constructed.
  • Plastic sectional rising main installed at 50 metres
  • Control method designed and installed
  • Pumping test completed
  • Treatment system in place to treat for elevated iron and manganese levels in the water
  • The borehole delivers water to a storage tanks with the control method being installed by Dales Water in a mains water compliant manner which provides a backup supply
  • Regular update meetings held
  • Support given to the client throughout with assistance on other water supply elements provided

The site now has the benefit of running on very cheap water with the capital expenditure costs for the works calculated to be recovered within 18 months against mains water supply with a significant benefit to profits thereafter.

Job Completion and Handover

At Dales Water once a job is completed we undertake a full handover and give training on the new system. Customers are given a full run down on the borehole and how it works, along with an operator manual to reference at a later date. This keeps things transparent for both parties – the customer knows the system is fully operational and we are able to mark the job as finished. Any ongoing service & maintenance or training type work can then be discussed separately under a separate contract.

The particular project is now complete and once again highlights that mains water supply for industrial processes is very expensive and a borehole water supply is a positive way to reduce these costs, increase profits and grow a business. In areas where mains water supply is poor it is also a way to ensure that your business is not limited to the volume and pressure that the mains water can provide.